Postgres KPI Request Formatting


I am using Bonita Subscription 7.3.0 and a Postgres database 9.2.18.

I have a question regarding formatting, I have recently begun setting up KPIs with a Postgres database. Which is operating normally, and was actually really easy and straightforward to set up. However when creating the actual KPI request, there are two options "Use graphical mode" or "Use Manual mode."

If I use "Graphical mode" the request comes out like"
"INSERT INTO Bonita_Entry_Info (Process_ID) VALUES (${process_ID})"

Which is actually incorrect.

I have to use the "Manual" mode to enter the request with the correct format.
"INSERT INTO "Bonita_Entry_Info" ("Process_ID") VALUES (${process_ID})"

The table and column need to be encased in quotations otherwise the request will throw an error. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this a bug for Bonita? It is a very minor detail, but I believe it is defeating for the functionality presented by the "Graphical Mode."


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This one is the BEST answer!

The problem here is the column name Process_ID, if the column name was process_id it would not need the quotes. So big question, who put the column name in uppercase?

The same with the table name, instead of Bonita_Entry_Info it should be bonita_entry_info.

Then you will not need to create the manual method of recording.


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Submitted by agaughan on Mon, 09/19/2016 - 22:24

Yep that was it, Thanks again!

Submitted by Sean McP on Mon, 09/19/2016 - 22:26

Yeah, I remember having the same problem, drove me crazy until I figured it out...