Has a process wait for external data before continuing


Hi, Hola & Bonjour,

We are using Bonita 7.4.X, subscription edition.

We are building out a large process. At a few points we want our process to wait until data in a SQL DB has been updated.

For example when the process arrives on the task the data in the target DB would return 'Status:Incomplete.' We would want our task to wait until that data has changed to 'Status:Complete.'

We have a number of methods to get to that data through direct SQL Connectors or via a hosted REST API. With Bonita regularly polling the DB for an update, however that is extremely resource intensive.

Has anyone else done anything similar to this? Having their process wait for an external ping to continue?

I apologize for not being more specific in the details, we are really just looking into ideas and concepts at this point.


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This one is the BEST answer!

The way to do this is to "stop" process and await a signal/message from the other system.

You should then create a Trigger on the other system to fire off a REST signal/message to the process so it will restart.

This way the process will never poll - saving resources - and the SQL server is doing something it is good at, recognizing a DB update and firing off other activities.

There are different types of trigger so make sure you fire the correct one.


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