Left operand type not found: TYPE_CONSTANT


Hi All,

I 'm getting the below error when trying to run a process. Its failing at a task which does not even have a condition expression around it, so its hard to understand.

Caused by: org.bonitasoft.engine.core.operation.exception.SOperationExecutionException: Left operand type not found: TYPE_CONSTANT

Can someone please help with this.


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I just got the same issue and, in my case, the solution is simple but quite tricky. I use the version 7.8.4 of Bonita.
It took place on a connector step without any operation... All the connector parameters seemed right but with a more accurate look, the variables linked to get the result of the connector (in the last configuration step) were not correctly set!

The small database icon weren't there right after the variable's name. I had to set again all parameters individually to be sure that they are recognized by Bonita Studio. Once this was done, the error didn't show up.



The error is related to operations:

  • Click on the involved task,
  • Click the Execution tab at the bottom,
  • Click on the Operations tab.

An operation is an assignment with 2 operands; at runtime, the left operand point to a variable; it will be set at runtime with a new value: the result of the right operand.

Maybe an operation was defined and the left operand was left blank? if yes, remove the extra not configured operation and run again the process.

==EDIT== otherwise maybe you could past the entire message plus the stack trace?