How can i create a flow so that a user has 2 levels of approving managers?



I'm new to Bonita Software.
Can anyone explain me how i can define 2 levels of approving managers for a single user?

User -> Manager 1 Approval -> Manager 2 Approval

Thank you!

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This one is the BEST answer!

Bom dia André,

In Bonita you will define the actors (the one performing the task) for each human task and map them to a defined organisation.

Therefore you will define your organisation by adding users belonging to groups and sub-groups (hierarchy) and roles depending on what they will have to do in your process. Then you will map this organisation with actors in your process.

So, if you need to have 2 levels of approval, you will draw your diagram with 3 lanes (User, manager 1, manager 2) because I guess it depends on business rules? then you define an actor for each task and map it to the relevant group of users in your organisation.

It is pretty well described in the dedicated getting started tutorial section : * Define who can do what *

I hope my answer is helpful. If that's the case please validate it (it's useful for other members) otherwise feel free to add more information.


Submitted by André Santos on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 12:29

Thank you for your reply.

That is exactly what i need!