Can i create a business model from data from an external databases?



Submitted by delphine.coille... on Thu, 10/22/2020 - 15:35

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Basically, the answer to your question is no. The BDM Mechanism will create it owns database schema, with name and type expected. When you add a "multiple" in an attribute, the BDM will create:

* if this is a simple attribute (STRING, LONG...) a sub table

* is this is a reference to another object, in Composition, some attributes in the sub table (this subtable has only one parent)

* is this is a reference to another object, in Aggregation, a new table to link the two information

As you see, the schema can be different.

So, it's not possible to use and "explore" an existing schema.

To access an explicit schema, you have to:

* use Connector to Read/Write from the process (and use a local variable, like a process variable) in the process

* use a REST API Extension if you want to read your schema from a UI Designer form (or Gasoline tool).