How to modify the Case List of the Bonita Admin Application.


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I want to change the Bonita Admin Application. I'm on 2021.1 version and I see that I can change almost everything except the one I really need. The admin case list is binded to custompage_adminCaseListBonita and this page is not listed by the Bonita Studio so I can't change it, others like Admin Task List or Admin Process List are listed on bonita Studio.

Is there a way to modify this page?, I only want to add a filter by Case ID, the same way as Bonita User Aplication has.

Kind regards, I'll apreciate your help.

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I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this page is not one that was developed in UID, but is an AngularJS page in 2021.1. If you want to modify the page, you can find it here: After modifying the page, you can build it with "mvn install" and replace the "portal.js" folder inside the bonita.war and bonita folder. This "portal.js" folder will be found in "target/bonita-portal-js-%version%-SNAPSHOT-app".
All of the above things said, the page has been rewritten in 2021.2 in UID. You can find the page here: Read the README on how to build it ( You can find the built page in the build folder of the page. Something to mention is that this is a development version, which means that it might have some problems here and there.

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Submitted by javier.gran.gimenez on Fri, 06/11/2021 - 13:52

<p>Thanks for your help. :)</p>