How to launch an edit process


Hello everyone, Im just new with bonita, maybe someone can share some pointers regarding my question.

Anyway, I have an application page and a very simpe bdm BO (products) displayed in a collection container. Is there any tutorial where I can click an item then trigger to execute a process to edit the selected product item? We only have persistenceId within the the products BO, no case or task id. So how can we trigger an edit/update or even delete within a process?

I tried calling bdm API below with a custom query to update the selected product, but it throws an error 403. I believe we cant do it this way right?

../API/bdm/businessData/ Pro&f=itemCategory=IT equipments&f=stockOnHand=2&f=unitMeasure=pc&f=persistenceId=2

Thank you and hoping someone from this forum could share guidelines.

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The first thing you should know is that you cannot edit the BDM database from an application page. From an application page, you can only display the content of the BDM database (read only).

To create and edit the content of the BDM database, you must do it through a process using business data.

I suggest you to read this documentation article, it should help you to understand this concept:

Good luck!