Application to change User password for version 7

Change portal user password for bonitasoft 7 living application. You don't have to create a process or do anything just import the two files into the portal.

This page will allow current logged in user to change their password. Please note No validation is done for the password match.

Login to Portal as administrator

Go to Resources and Import Go to Applications and import Application_Data.xml in the portal Application

Please make sure you change the following in the config file:

File: Location:\setup\platform_conf\current\tenants\tenant_portal

uncomment following lines


Let the user access and modify only himself

GET|identity/user=[profile|Administrator, profile|Process manager, check|UserPermissionRule] POST|identity/user=[profile|Administrator, check|UserPermissionRule] PUT|identity/user=[profile|Administrator, profile|User, check|UserPermissionRule]

for version 7 please do setup.bat push from command prumpt to reflect changes in database and restart your engine.



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