Bugzilla Connector

The project contains Bugzilla Connectors to create and update a bug in Bugzilla. The Connector was created for a project undertaken by Bonitasoft and Contact Solutions (www.contactsolutions.com), and generously donated by Contact Solutions at the end of the engagement.

Version being tested was Bugzilla 4.0, which was at a time when Bugzilla was just starting to publish their web service interface. Subsequent versions of Bugzilla made a lot more functionality available via web services, but Bugzilla have maintained backward compatibility when releasing new versions. In other words, the connectors here were built and tested using Bugzilla server 4.0, but will work with any later version. The model used to create the call the web service is also maintained.

The Bugzilla documentation used to build this connector is https://www.bugzilla.org/docs/4.0/en/html/api/Bugzilla/WebService/Bug.html

and the full documentation for all available Bugzilla versions is https://www.bugzilla.org/docs/

The connectors have the following JAR dependencies (included in the downloadable zip, or available via the maven repo): commons-httpclient-3.0.1.jar xmlrpc-client-3.1.3.jar xmlrpc-common-3.1.3.jar ws-commons-util-1.0.2.jar commons-logging-1.0.4.jar

The code for this connector is available from : https://github.com/Bonitasoft-Community/Bugzilla-Connector

GPL v3


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