Cybersecurity MindsetPimp: "Pimp My Bonita" 2012 Contest Winner

How do we forecast relationships between BPM (Business Process Modeling) and Information Security visual thinking at Sekimia?

The MindsetPimp proof of concept code was designed for the Pimp my Bonita Open Source BPM Community Contest :

  • Thanks to the famous Jquery framework our code was designed as a jquery plugin which is as modular as extendable - and even if we did not implement all of the BOS features related to the BPMN notation, we may update our code very soon.
  • Thanks to the famous RaphaelJS framework our code is able to load Bonita studio BPMN exported files (BPMN 2.0 xml) and draw the corresponding SVG (Try to hover/click on a BOS activity to display a sample of business continuity information).

The project was “Pimp My Bonita” 2012 Contest Winner.

Read more here and here.

GPL v2