Generic Approval Process

Generic Approval Process

This process has an instantiation (initial) Generic Request Form to be completed by a User. When the User logs in to make a request, the Process takes the User’s information (first name, last name, and email address) from the User Profile in UserXP.

At the Step "Approve or Reject," the manager of the requestor is approves or rejects the User’s request. On completion, an email Connector sends a message to the requestor.

You can use the provided test Users John, Jack, and James.

Before the Process can be run:

• Open the UserXP under Admin and open Jack’s and James’ User accounts. Go into their Professional contacts and add a valid email address for each one. Assign John as manager for both. • Complete the Connector configuration in the “Approve or Reject” step: Add valid Host, port, Security, and Authentication information. • Create the URL for the instantiation form page: http://yourserver:yourportnumber/Generic_Approval_Process--1.0/applicati...

See completion notes on the process whiteboard.

GPL v2


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