JDBC Datasource Insert Prepared Statement



JDBC Datasource connector to Insert into a database with a prepared statement

Author : Frederic KREBS

Bonita BPM version : 6.5.3

Example works with

  • Postgresql
  • Bonita BPM 6.5.3

Example installation

  • Execute the sql script in your Posgresql database : script_db_postgresql.sql
  • Deploy the process on your Bonita BPM 6.5.3 server : example_preparedStatementInsertConnector-01.00.00.bos
  • Configure your datasource :

** edit the tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/bonita.xml

** add a new datasource like the "Start for the PreparedStatement connector Example"

  • Set the datasource parameter in the process parameter configuration (working example: dbDatasourceName = tmpTest01DS)
  • Run the process
  • Fill and validate the Insert form
  • View the resulting Id in the View activity


  • Add a process data to set the resultID after the insert statement : let's name it ID
  • Import the connector in your studio : DatasourcePreparedStatementInsert-impl-1.0.1.zip
  • Change the JNDI Name to access your datasource
  • Edit the prepared statement
  • Set the parameter list. For each :

** add a Type (String, Integer,Double or Date)

** add an order which will respect the prepared statement field order

** add a value : WARNING : the value is only a String , it will be cast inside the connector: this is a conception choice ! For the Date type, format the String (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • In the output operations, select your ID variable (which will take the generatedKey value)

See the following screen shot to understand the connector configuration : alt tag


  • I need more types. How to ? Update the connector implementation
  • I want to change the datasource : How to ?

** edit your bonita.xml

** change your process configuration parameter

GPL v2


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