Task candidates Rest API

Task candidates Rest API Extension

Get the list of users that can performed a given task. Only enabled users are returned.


  1. Install target/task-candidates-rest-api-1.0.0-<version>.zip in your tenant Resources using Bonita Admininstration Portal
  2. Call the API extension using ../API/extension/task/candidate?p=0&c=10&taskId=1001 where p and c are pagination parameters and taskId the task instance id
  3. It will return a json array of user objects:

    json [ { "id" : 15, "userName": "helen.kelly", "lastName": "Kelly", "firstName": "Helen", "title": "Mrs.", "jobTitle": "HR manager", "lastConnection": "2020-06-29T08:54:23+0000", "lastUpdate": "2020-01-02T13:54:23+0000", "enabled": true, "createdBy": -1, "managerUserId": 21, "creationDate": "2019-01-02T13:54:23+0000", "iconId: 123 } ]

  4. o=userName ASC can be used to sort the response array by userName, see UserSearchDescriptor for compatible sort descriptors.
  5. task_visualization permission is used for this API
GPL v2


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