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So, I am new to BonitaSoft and I am using the 7.1 version to attempt to create a process. However, it looks like the functionality to create multi-step wizzards (next/previous buttons, multiple forms associated with a single task) are not supported by the UI designer. Am I correct? Was this functionality removed? What is the alternative? Are there examples of how to do this?

My use case involves entering some demographic data as search criteria for a person, executing a query against a database for matching persons, displaying the list of matches, and having the user select one and confirm. If I can build this quicker/easier in a separate application, I'm starting to miss the point of using a BPM tool.

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Hi Robert,

We used to have a "pageflow" feature in Bonita BPM 5 and 6 but we do not have it out of the box in Bonita BPM 7.

However, it is simple to recreate such a behavior using the UI Designer. All you have to do is to use several Container widgets and play with the dynamic value of their Hidden property. This will allow you to achieve the same result and it is even more flexible.



Submitted by robert.sax on Mon, 09/21/2015 - 19:04

I have been attempting to do just that, but I am not so familiar with Angular and Bootstrap. I reviewed all of the videos/docs on Bonita I could find, but saw no example that goes in this direction (I did see a number of hidden-based solutions, but they all depended on the server providing updated data to drive the hidden style - in a next/previous solution, previous specifically cannot work that way). Normally that would be something like templates in Angular, correct? I am not sure how to get the same functionality out of the Bonita solution. I tried javascript:somevar='foo' for a link, but Angular causes that to fail (puts a "unsafe:" in front of it). The variables (javascript) all appear to be evaluated once, rather than when a click/etc happen, so while I assume that what you are suggesting is possible, I don't know where to start. An example would be very instructive.

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Please take a look at the sample project I contributed here:

Be sure to look at the project documentation for more explanation on how this works.


Submitted by robert.sax on Wed, 09/23/2015 - 15:11

That is awesome! Thanks.