About Configure Bonita BPM Bundle for SAML


at https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/?page=single-sign-on-with-saml

Step 3&4 ,i need find two files "bonita-tenant-sp-custom.xml" &"bonita-tenant-sp-custom.properties"

first I can't find it
second, i found some similar files ,BUT there are no such params in any of those files.

so any Official Staff can give some advice about this?

or i just need ignore these steps?

The things is like that i can't use SAML way to do the authentication things.

and if those need Subscription Edition ,plz notice and contact me, because ur sales never answer my email.

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Note that SAML feature is only available for Bonita Subscription Edition (see the note at the top of the documentation page).


Submitted by hmilyci on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 03:10

but i used the "contact us" thing , couple times , but don't get any feedback ,so?how can i get THE Subscription Edition.