accessing a process variable from a powershell script


Hi everybody,

I'm new to bonita and while playing around I get stuck when I try to use a process variable inside a (otherwise unmeaningful) powershell script called from script-connector.
Pressing ctrl+space inside the script pane shows the process variables defined. Clicking on the desired one makes it appear as ${myProcessVariable}.
Unfortunately it never gets used in the script, neither with curly brackets nor without...

ps-code goes like this:

$myVar = ${myProcessVariable}
$myOutVar = "#"
for ($i=0; $i -lt $myVar.length; $i++){
$myOutVar += $myVar.Substring($i) + "#"
return $myOutVar

Running the process at least gives back '#' but nothing else.

What is the preferred way to access a process variable? What am I missing?

Help is greatly appreciated.


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I would avoid using the `${...}` format in your case as this could be mis-interpreted in a Shell environment.

Instead, generate your script with a Groovy/Java script such as this:

    String shellScript = "$myVar = "+ myProcessVariable +"\n"
    shellScript += "$myOutVar = \"#\"\n"
    shellScript += "for ($i=0; $i -lt $myVar.length; $i++){\n"
    shellScript += "$myOutVar += $myVar.Substring($i) + \"#\"\n"
    shellScript += "}\n"
    shellScript += return $myOutVar\n"
    return shellScript;

Hope this helps,