Actor filter problem, when list returned by filter function is empty.



I created a filter definition and implementation and so far it's working great. My only problem is that I inserted business logic into the filter implementation that whenever some criteria is not met, the list returned by the filter function is empty. So, I thought I would set the "autoAssign" variable to FALSE in order for the BPM to just let the task unassigned, just as if the filter was not set. But instead, it appears as a failed task, I still get the option to assign it to someone, but it's not what I am expecting.

** FLOW_NODE_NAME=test task | no user id returned by the user filter **

Is it possible to manipulate this behavior inside the filter implementation, so whenever the list is empty, the filter just lets the task unassigned and ready for someone in the group to do it or for the administrator to assign it?

Thanks in advance for any help. I appreciate it.

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