Add description for Multiple Documents in process from a task



User will upload multiple documents, and has to add description (in input widget) for each document.
I tried to add description property since it is already there to the uploaded file

supportingDocumentsInput: $ doc => ({
id : ? : null,
filename : doc.newValue && doc.newValue.filename ? doc.newValue.filename : null,
tempPath : doc.newValue && doc.newValue.tempPath ? doc.newValue.tempPath : null,
contentType : doc.newValue && doc.newValue.contentType ? doc.newValue.contentType : null,

description: doc.newValue ? "description Added!" : null

it's added when file uploaded but at next task (review task) I found out each file has empty description like I didnt set the real description for the file of multiple documents.

Any help would be appricated

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