Add task list page to Living application


Hello community,

I am working on creating a new bonita application, I want to create a custom page that will allow the users to access their tasks list, similar to task page on bonita portal, but I want it to be available on the living application.

is it possible, with the community edition, to add task lists to a living application?

are there any examples or tutorials that can guide me ?

Thank you for you help.


Submitted by chalard.d_1409368 on Mon, 10/28/2019 - 07:40

Hi mate,
I'm looking for create a task list too but it's kinda difficult to me.
Have you done it ?
Could you tell me the way you did it ?

Thanks for your help.

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Yes it is possible to create a user tasks list in Community Edition. You can create a page with the UI Designer and use the same REST API calls as the default task list:

Note that users of Bonita Enterprise edition can export and customize the default task list by doing the following steps:

  • go in the Portal
  • switch to administration view
  • go to "resources" tab
  • select "Default process list" in the list of pages
  • click on the export button
  • customize the page. Important: this page cannot be edited with the UI Designer
  • import the newly create task list page