Adding new Entity to Database from MainPage



I have an application, that should add one row (entity) into the business data modells datatable, but from the main page.
I tried creating an insert query, but probably that is not possible. My other approach was using rest api extension, I thought it would be as easy as creating a new entity in the studio, with groovy script, but all I could create is a simple object, it wasnt saved in the database.

I have a list of objects in a table, the object has another object. Lets say i have a human object, that has a dog object in it. When i select a human from the list, i want to add one or more dog objects to the selected human object. Of course i can do this in the main pages form, but i want to save this change in the database.

My question is, what is the best way of creating a new record in the business data model from the main page? (Not in a process) Is it possible?

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