Any plans for Angular 2 implementation?


I was wondering if Angular 2 is now officially in beta, when it will be integrated into solution?

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You can find some information about Bonitasoft plan about Angular 2 in a blog post just published on community web site.


Considering the Amount of time it took to include Java 8 I suspect it will be v9 before Angular 2.0 at least. And ONLY when Angular 2.0 is in General Release for at least a year or more.

I've had a quick read and there are some huge issues to overcome, not least as I read here

this statement

Do I have to rewrite everything I already have?
Very likely to rewrite big parts of your application, but if you've structured your application properly (i.e. followed my style guide), you'd be able to completely reuse at least your services.

So in al seriousness I suspect Angular 2.0 will not be seen in Bonitasoft for at least two years.

And with someone else getting a statement like this from the team involved...(see section 2.3)

I expect it to be at least three...

There's no planned release date for Angular 2.0 and there's nothing definite about it yet. Also we'll probably get at least one more 1.x before 2.0. If we keep our code updated with every release then the transition should be a lot smoother. But even so there are several very large changes. Some even say that Angular 2.0 looks like a completely different framework, for good or bad.

Anyway, that's my thought...

Why would this be the case shouldn't Bonitasoft be making use of all the best tools available to them?


This is history just repeating itself. When a tool works, why change it? There has to be a very, very compelling reason to change things. That's why Banks and other institutions are still running IBM 370 architecture Mainframes with COBOL programs written 50 years ago. They work and they become part of the infrastructure.

Just like Bonitasoft. For some companies it has become part of the infrastructure and changing it will be a major change.

Change for change sake is not always good.

I know this doesn't really answer the question, but these are my thoughts.

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bonitasoft has any plan to upgrade angularjs 1.x to Angular 2+ now ?