Apply filter on a variable External API


I would like to know if it is possible to apply a filter to an external API variable of the UI Designer in the field "Avalaible value" so that only data that matches the one selected previously is displayed.

I need this because I am developing a screen where there will be several lines, as if they were items of an order, and for this I need the filter to be made according to what was being selected previously but in that line. I have an example that works exactly as I need it however the content is brought from a JSON variable and not a REST API.

In this example the "Available value" field looks like this:

(availableModels | filter: {brandId: myCollection[$index].carId})[0].models

Where availableModels is the name of the variable JSON and models is the content of the variable JSON

Any idea will be very welcome.

No answers yet.