Assign different tasks to different Authorities.


i am using Bonita Studio Community 7.8.3
now the challenge is i am trying to create a Process and assign different tasks to different approving authorities and i wouldnt be using the william.bates and the helen.kelly on the organisation as created inside the studio.

Now i Followed what was here but when i try to do some assignments apparently somethings appear to be missing in this case. Asides the one for get started (Which i have been able to handle easily) I have not been able to see a way to get the tasks to the other users.

I want the approving authorities to have the names of the following

  • Supervisor
  • IC&A
  • GH Operations
  • DH Operations
  • Payment officer

    And the whole Process ends, I have been able to do something like this with K2 now i wan to have it done with Bonita BPM and i have this issues
    Now i want to know how i can assign tasks to this different people from the originator and also call API for payment and others. Please I will be needing a step by step explanation as i am completely very new to this.

How can this be done.
Very new to using Bonita BPM.

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This one is the BEST answer!

I'll share the same answer that I provide to your question on Stack Overflow. If you need more help I recommend to post other questions here.

You need to:

  • declare several actors in your process definition (one per name you listed)
  • mapped each actor to a task or to a lane that includes one or several task (select the task and go in General -> Actors tab)
  • configure the process (using the wrench icon) to map your actor to users or groups of users

I recently wrote a blog post about actors and actor filters in Bonita that might be helpful.

You might also want to take a look at the following video that is part of Bonita Camp videos series (a tutorial with exercises for Bonita beginners).