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I have to assign a complex business variable: oml_O21 with another one : adt_A04, in a groovy script, like this:

oml_O21.msg_Content.pv1=adt_A04.msg_Content.pv1; /where Pv1 is an business variable with attributes.

1- Is this assignment correct or do I have to assign each attribute with the one that matches it?

Also I have to assign:

oml_O21.msg_Content.obx=adt_A04.msg_Content.obx; /where obx is a list type business variable with attributes .

2- How can i make this assignment?


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This one is the BEST answer!


It's depends of the BDM architecture.

What you have to know is:

* you can't assign anything in a groovy script. A groovy script is here to calculated a value, not to realize operation (technicaly speaking, the execution of a Groovy Script does not start by a "Begin transaction" and finish by a "Commit" ==> That's depend the Bonita Version, but it's definitively not the spirit of the product

* use OPERATION or "Output of connector" to realise that.

Saying that, solution will show up more easy.

So, in your process, you should have 2 Business Variables : oml_O21 and "adt_A04" isn't ?

What about "oml_O21.msgContent : it's another BDM isn't ? Is the msg_content link in the oml_O21 by a COMPOSITION or by a AGGREGATION?

And the pv1 must be AN AGGREGATION (can't be a composition, you reference it in oml_21 and in adt_04)

COMPOSITION : msgContent is "part of oml_21", so the modification is on oml_21.

Use an operation, saying "OML_21" as modification, click on expression, and choose "setmsg_content"

In the groovy script, do something like

var msgContentVar = OLM_21.getMsgContent();

msgContentVar.pv1 = adt_A04.msg_content.pv1


Then you must have a variable named "msg_Content"

so, do a first operation

MsgContent / setpv1 / groovy : "return adt_A04.msg_content.pv1"

Second operation (not needed if msgContent is already linked)

OML_21 / setMsgContent / variable: MsgContent

Hope this is clear


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Yes. It's. Thank you so much Pierre and happy new year to you and all bonita team.

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Happy new year to you too!

Did this resolve your question?

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sir Pierre;

Also I have to assign:

oml_O21.msg_Content.obx=adt_A04.msg_Content.obx; /where obx is a list type business variable with attributes .

2- How can i make this assignment, with OBX list type business variable with attributes? how to assign the various elements of this list ?.

Submitted by Pierre-yves Monnet on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 09:53


Same answer: the list is a COMPOSITION or an AGGREGATION?

Aggregation : you have to declare a Business Variable saying "Multiple". You initialize the value by a Groovy Script, returning a List

Composition? Don't declare the business variable, and return the value in the same way (List)

Submitted by maouachria on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 10:27

I created under BDM:
a business variable named "message", which contains other business variables (composition relation). Among these variables: "msg_Content" of type "segment". "segment" is another business variable which contains the different segments: "pv1", "obx" ...... (composition relation)
"pv1" and "obx": each one has its own attributes. "obx" is of type list (multiple).


1--- i must used setmsg_content and In the groovy script, i do :

var msgContentVar = oml_21.getMsgContent();

msgContentVar.pv1 = adt_A04.msg_content.pv1


I must assign each variable attribute ''adt_A04.msg_content.pv1'' to the one that matches it in the variable '' msgContentVar.pv1''?

adt_A04.msg_content.pv1.attribute1== msgContentVar.pv1.attribute1

adt_A04.msg_content.pv1.attribute2== msgContentVar.pv1.attribute2


2---- what about obx :

how i can browse this list to make the assignment?

I'm sorry, these are new concepts for me.

Submitted by Pierre-yves Monnet on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 11:51


Could you create a simple process, create the Business Object and script, and join it?

I will be more simple than speak in a theoretical way.

I understand that the top BDM is "message", all another BDM are linked in COMPOSITION.

So, your groovy script must return a MESSAGE content. is "oml_21 a message variable?

In the Groovy script, you can update the content.

ar msgContentVar = oml_21.getMsgContent();

msgContentVar.pv1 = adt_A04.msg_content.pv1

is correct, assuming

* oml_21 is a message content

* adt_04 is an another Business Variable declared in your process.

* msgContentVar.pv1 is an AGGREGATION, not a composition

If msgContentVar.pv1 is a COMPOSITION, you must do something like

msgContentVar.pv1 = new MyBDMKids()

What you have to know:

COMPOSITION : the variable is managed by itself. You muse not do any assignment to any another BDM. Only NEW() is acceptable. It's like a PRIVATE member. it's like a Order / Orders Line : you don't affect in the ORDER N° 334 some lines from ORDER 111 : each order has it's onw lines.

AGGREGATION: it's a LINK to an another BDM. For example, in ORDER, you have a reference to a CUSTOMER. You can't create a CUSTOMER from an ORDER. You manage the ORDER and the CUSTOMER independately, and in a ORDER, you REFERENCE a CUSTOMER.

Hope this help

PS: Bonitasoft propose different training, it will help a lot to understand and play with all theses concepts. What about contact the company, and join a training?


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Sir Pierre ;

avez_vous une proposition pour ce .bos?


Thanks you for the BOS file.

it is too complex to analyze and execute it in the community Please provide a process with one task, one operation, and one line in the operation to focus on the issue. At import, you have some issue because some password for a user Fatima is not provided.

If you need more help, keep in mind Bonitasoft services does this kind of follow up.

I don't find a variable OML_21 but a oml_O21 : is that the one we speak?

This variable contains a value "mgs_content"; which is a segment / COMPOSITION.

msg_content contains a value "pv1" which is a "PV1" / COMPOSITION.

So, as I told you, a composition CAN'T be referenced in two objects. So, doing something like

oml_O21.msg_Content.pv1= new PV1()

oml_O21.msg_Content.pv1.setIDPV1 = adt_A04.msg_content.setIDPV1

and so on...

If you want oml_021.msg_content and adt_A04.msg_content point to the SAME RECORD pv1, then

* you must declare the relation as an AGGREGATION

* you muse create a variable myPV1, then you update this variable

* then you can say

oml_O21.msg_Content.pv1 = myPV1;

adt_A04.msg_content.pv1 = myPV1;

Hope this help,


Submitted by maouachria on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 08:26

thanks sir

Submitted by maouachria on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 12:08


According to your advice, I redid the BDM as follows:
AdtA04: business variable ( which contains as attributes:
Id_msg: string,
pid: PID (another business variable) and
obx: OBX (another business variable of type list)

attached my .bos project?

I do not understand where is the problem?