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Hi people,

I'm using Bonita Community 6.2.2 version. I wonder if I will be able to do some features using Community version and would appreciate your comments.

  1. Generate tasks dinamically. I would like to assign an Actor, Group or Role depending on data retrieved from a database using a service task, and not assign always the same actor for this task.

  2. Attach a document generated using a connector. Develop a Java connector that builds a PDF document taking values from process variables and attach it, as a Document object, to current process in order to show it in the next user task.

  3. Manage Document Content from a Document previously attached Develop a Java Connector that get Document content from a Document Object previously attached in a user task, and copy it in local file system. I would appreciate som documentation about how to manage Document Objects because I was trying to read documents using Groovy Script but I was not be able.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

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1) For such a use case, you could use actor filters. You can get more information about actor mapping and using filter in our online documentation here . You can create your own actor filter that would connect to the database and get a list of candidates as you want it. You can find more information about creating actor filters in our documentation .

2) Yes, this is possible. You can also consider using existing Jasper connector, that would create a report in pdf format.

3) Yes, this is possible using APIs, and also developping your own connector. I invite you to check some examples in our cookbook .

Hope this helps, Haris