Backtrack workflow in REST


Is it possible to backtrack to a previous task in a workflow? for instance, if I make a mistake in a certain step, I would like to be able to replay that step, even if the workflow has moved on from that step.
Is there a way, through REST, to do this?
Thanks in advance

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This one is the BEST answer!

Simple answer is No - It's not possible.

Unless of course you add a feedback loop to your process.

So for example you could design your screens as follows (5 only):

Screen 1 - input fields -> Next button
Screen 2 - input fields -> Next button + Back Button (to Step 1)
Screen 3 - input fields -> Next button + Back Button (to Step 2)
Screen 4 - input fields -> Next button + Back Button (to Step 3)
Screen 5 - input fields -> Submit button + Back Button (to Step 4)

There is no way to do this in REST - that's not it's function. You have to do it in the process design.

You should also note that if you go back from Step 4 to Step 1 then you HAVE TO also negotiate going through all other Steps (2 and 3) as the change in 1 may affect how 2 or 3 operate. So be careful.

You will have to design your process like this though if you want it to work,


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