Bonita 6.x - BAR Files - Export - Dissemble/Decryption and Protection of Copyright.


Hi there,

BAR flies are compiled code of a process which allows them to be implemented in QA/Integration and Production setting and stops them being looked at by the unnecessary.

However I've just read in Build a process for deployment (point 4) that is is possible to simply reverse engineer a implemented BAR into a BOS and hence into studio (when using a SP version of Bonita).

As a commercial software developer I do not necessarily want to allow any customers the right to Dissemble/Decrypt my processes (unless they pay the code license fee).

Is there a way (or planned in Bonita 6.4.x) to allow developers to protect their BAR files from being dissembled/decrypted in this way (as part of the build process)?

I know this is a big area, but it must also include Community edition in protection of BARs (i.e. development) and sending out.

Would it be possible for example to include a digital signature into the BAR which refuses decomposition etc.

This is a serious copyright issue and would like to know how I should protect my software from those that don't understand that I also have mouths to feed.

Many thanks and best regards Seán

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This one is the BEST answer!

Hi Sean,

This is an error in the doc (being corrected right now!). In fact, this was a feature we experimented with but in the end did not release so it should have been pulled from the doc. It should have been called "Export to Community edition" as the idea was to export from a Subscription edition of Studio a .bar that would run with a Community edition Engine, not to export a .bos file that could be reverse-engineered, so no exposure there. But we too have mouths to feed so the feature was dropped.



Submitted by Sean McP on Thu, 08/21/2014 - 14:19


many thanks Christine, I'm getting close to V1 of my software being out there so this ended up being rather important...

regards Seán