Bonita and Bonita Rest in the same server



I want to deploy bonita.war and bonita-server-rest.war in the same server, and that they both share the same engine or / and API

I mean that all the operations done in the bonita-server-rest.war be able in the bonita.war engine

What do i need to do this ?

Thank you and regards

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I've found an article and it was very useful for me.

Now I 've tested with a java REST client the exampple and it was succesful

The link is

Optionally, if you want to use the REST API, specific descriptors and classpath configurations for those servers are included in the bonita-server-rest.war.

How To Configure BOS With REST On JBoss

Go to \bonita_execution_engine\interfaces\REST\with_engine\bonita-server-rest.war.

Copy this as a *.war file to \server\default\deploy.

Server side configuration

Configure the REST user's login and password in the JAAS configuration to be used by the server to authenticate the client's request for access. This configuration must contain the loginContext BonitaRESTServer.


Client side configuration

There are three types of client for the REST server:

  1. The Bonita User Experience in REST mode. This requires only configuration.
  2. The Bonita API in REST mode (Java client). This requires configuration and acknowledgment on how to use the Bonita API. (See the series Build your applications with Bonita Runtime on
  3. A language other than Java (HTTP client): This requires acknowledgment on the Bonita REST API.

Bonita User Experience configuration

If your client is Bonita User Experience or any Java client, configure the loginContext BonitaStore in \server\default\conf\login-config.xml, according to the REST users defined in the BonitaRESTLoginModule:


The client will use this login and password to request authentication with the server.

You will also have to update your server variable BONITA_OPTS to use the REST API:

set "BONITA_OPTS=-DBONITA_HOME=\bonita = (i.e. http://localhost:8080/bonita-server-rest/)

Test the REST API server

Execute a simple call to the €œgetLightProcesses€ method (queryDefinitionAPI) using a rest client:

Specify URL: http://localhost:8080/bonita-server-rest/API/queryDefinitionAPI/getLight...
Select €œPOST€ method
For body:
Set content type to: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Insert a header
Key: options
Value: user:admin
For authentication:
Select BASIC authentication type
Set username to: restuser
Set password to: restbpm

Run the query. You should get an empty set of processes.