Bonita app and Google Proximity Beacon API (whch includes Eddystone)


Hi everyone,
I'd like to have some suggestion regading the integration of Bonita with the Google Proximity Beacon API (whch includes Eddystone).
In fact I'd like to build an App with Bonita used on a Samrtphone that works with the beacons.
This app should show different media based on the proximity with a specified beacon.

Thanks in advance,

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I've read this an checked up on Google Proximity Beacon API

My answer is this is NOT a good fit for Bonitasoft BPM. All you need is an Android App to poll your Beacons and present what's available. This is not BPM in anyway shape or form.


PS: While I understand this may not be the answer you are looking for it does answer your question, please mark as resolved by ticking the tick mark on the left of this reply so others now it is closed.