Is Bonita an appropriate solution to the following problem



I'd like to know if Bonita is an appropriate solution for the following business process inefficiency. Currently 10 employees work cases on behalf of our customers. Each customer has their own tenant. There's no consolidated view of all cases (across customers) that our employees need to work. Unfortunatley they need to context switch between customer tenants. What I'd like is a central work queue that functions as follows:

1) Our software (each tenant) sends an email notification when a unit of work arrives.

2) The email is consumed by Bonita and specific pieces of the email are presented in a centralized location to the employees (ideally in a sortable table so they can make further decisions with regards to priority).

3) The employee selects the case which removes it from the list of cases needing attention. This puts the case in a state to show that it's currently being worked. Eventually the case is closed.

Is a BPM tool like Bonita appropriate for this scenario or should I be investigating Case Management tools?




Submitted by gusto2 on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 12:57

Hello Jay, indeed Bonita could help you, you can check the example library, there's few examples for support processes, may get handy.. Carpe diem.. Gabriel

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