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Hi there!

I just saw Bonita BPM 7 video on Vimeo:

Is it for real? The final User Interface Design Tool will be like that? I saw the guy writing object property names using his MEMORY. The utterly useful variables list combo box is GONE! Adding HTML PARAGRAPHS to see properties, really? Even with that CONTEXT thing it will be an horror seeking names inside a JSON string... Is this awful regression for real? What happened to that "less need of programmer skills for the end user" policy?


Ricardo Torres


Submitted by Sean McP on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 05:49

Don't forget this was BETA release,

And as Philippe says there are some limitations on the designer because it was BETA, there will be many improvements in the final release I'm sure.

I must admit that dumping a functionally limited Beta Video to the public is not really a good idea,

I know there were many, many suggestions made to the development team during some initial (I'll call it ALPHA) testing. Hopefully some of these will assuage your concern


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Hi Ricardo,

As Sean mentioned, this video presents an early Beta which is by definition a work in progress.

We understand that this will be a major change in the way our users interact with the product but believe me this is the greater good.

By changing the way we design forms we have also changed the way we render them and got rid of some obsolete technology (GWT). With our new AngularJS based form designer we will be able to do things that were not possible before such as creating custom widgets.

We will have to guide our users to help them use this new tool and learn its new concepts. To do so we are adding some more guidance in the product and features such as auto-completion. Everything might not be perfect as of 7.0.0 but we are committed to deliver the best user experience to our developers so we will keep on improving the product in the subsequent releases.




Submitted by r torres on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 19:12

Hi Philippe,

I'm sorry but a beta version is a finalized one, which may have minor problems. When something disappears from the interface at that stage it means it's really gone. Also, the video is a month old, which signals we are probably looking at the final product.

I totally support the new design tool, but removing the variables list - or replacing it with something worse to use - is a shot in the foot. Bonita will lose market because of it, trust me.