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Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to integrate Bonita BPM into the process workflow of an existing application. The application is built upon an AngularJS client application, a .NET layer provide access through Web API to an existing Oracle Database.

My question is if is possible to use Bonita BPM to configure the application workflow and the business process, living the current User Interface relaying on the existing UI.

Bonita will be used to check the constraints of the business workflow and to enable \ disable process block. All the data must be read from the current database due to client \ budget \ conversion constraint.

The final goal is to make possibile process change on the need.

That said, the questions:

Is it possible to use Bonita this way ?
What functionality should be used (Rest API could be the right way) ?
Are those functionalities comprehended in the community edition ?

Sorry if these questions are out of scope but actually I'm really new to Bonita and BPM generally speaking, so I would be sure that I'm not following a street leading to a dead-end.

Many thanks to everyone that will reply.

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This one is the BEST answer!

No need to apologize, and this is the sort of rational as to why Bonitasoft changed from the methods of 6 to 7, to free the UI from the process.

You can indeed use Bonita this way, using Database Connectors to talk to the database or use Business Data Models and Objects for your data.

REST would definitely be the way to go in this case.

And everything you've asked for, from what I can tell is available in Community.


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Hi Sean,

Is there any Samples that have .net as front end and call to bonitasoft for business process.