Bonita in production - Amazon EC2 / Docker + RDS



I have to deploy bonita in production for around 30 users.

For now I have done a quick POC using a modified official bonita docker image running in an Amazon EC2 cluster with a postgres/RDS database.

The service/task has a lot of CPU/RAM available but bonita is really slow. I tried to tweak the JVM/Tomcat settings without success. It seems the JVM process & threads have a hard time exploiting resources available to the container.

Does anyone run bonita in production in containers (with the tomcat bundle) ?

Otherwise is it clearly recommended to run bonita on dedicated servers or cloud instances ?

We aim for a smooth/snappy user experience.


Submitted by david_131 on Mon, 04/10/2017 - 12:00

Anyone with experience in running Bonita on cloud computing ?

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Docker? For Production? Java?

Always use a dedicated/Cloud instance. Docker is just to relient on the OS and hardware it's running on.

My personal feeling, and don't forget Cloud is relient on good whereever AWS is...half way round the world? Never get good performance like that.