Bonita PWA ?


Hello bonita team, thank you for building this cool bpm platform, you had a great job.

I had a simple question.

Bonita UI Designer in application can be responsive, is there possible to build progressive web app using bonita ?

Is there any tutorial to build pwa using bonita ?

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Hello Stephanus,

Thank you very much for your appreciation for Bonita Platform.

After consideration with our Product Team, we have a hard time to identify use cases where having a PWA approach brings an added value to what Bonita could do. The content handled in Bonita is dynamic, pages of living apps change over time with new tasks, updates business data etc. Especially, PWA capacity to operate offline does not seem (to us) appropriate in the context of Bonita usage.

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Submitted by stephanus.arnold on Mon, 10/05/2020 - 05:10

Thank you very much Alejandro for the information

Best Regards

Stephanus Arnold