Bonita Studio 6.3.3 - Form Design - Grid and Text Box positioning...


Hi All,

Bonita Studio 6.3.3, Java, Windows 8.1

Problem 1

I have my form and I've added a Rich Text Area. The RTA has been expanded to 3 columns and 2 rows.

But still only shows as a Single Row.

So I change the RTA GRID ROW size to 300 px which looks good on my screen.

*First Comment: *Grid size as a % doesn't seem to work for height - it's OK for width but not have to select a px size.

But the RTA is "fixed" in size and while filling the cell width wise, it does not fill the cell height wise. It centers on the grid cell, vertically.

I've tried changing the height in all the Cell, Label and Field areas but still cannot get the Rich Text Area to fill the grid cell.

How do I get the RTA to fill the grid cell?

Problem 2

Another problem where I can't seem to get anything to work is HTML Attributes or Custom CSS Styling...

In this case I have two checkbox lists one with 5 (five) entries and one with 1 (one) entry. They are next to each other in the same row.

The first one fills the cell (as it is larger), but the second center aligns in the row. I want them to be both Top-Aligned so they, align.

I've created my own CSS

myGrid {
   border: 1px solid black;
   vertical-align: top;
   border-collapse: collapse;

and in added the LINK into the forms page and added the file under resources. But it is still not aligning...

How do I top Align elements in a row?

Many thanks and best regards Seán

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Hi there,

I've just found this post about Rich Text Area size which says it was fixed in 6.3.0...

It has regressed again in 6.3.3. Now that I've found it - I know what to do to fix it. change the bonita_form_default.css

painful...this should be automatic....

thanks and regards. Seán


Submitted by ttoine on Mon, 09/29/2014 - 18:19

can you please test with 6.3.6 ? if it is not fixed in this version I will ask to re-open the bug !

Submitted by Sean McP on Tue, 12/23/2014 - 06:25

Hi ttoine,

just had the same problem in 6.3.8 and tested it again in 6.4.0.

The CSS bonita_form_default.css still has *textarea.bonita_form_field, div.bonita_form_field * set as hardcoded 75px. Meaning the Size options in the form designer still don't work.

This should be easy to fix...

I've added a comment to bug, BBPMC-214

Thanks and regards Seán