Bonita Studio UI issues in Ubuntu 19.10


I installed Bonita Studio community version 7.10 in ubuntu 19.10. But it is having some UI issues.

  1. Some message texts are visible
  2. Some labels are not visible.
  3. Values entered in text fields are not visible until I highlight it.

How can I fix this?

See following images.


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Thu, 12/19/2019 - 15:31

I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 19.10 and of Bonita Community Edition 7.10.0 and I cannot reproduce your issue.

Are you using a specific theme for Ubuntu or the default one?

Submitted by hiranthaucsc83 on Sat, 12/21/2019 - 02:25

Thanks. I changed the UI theme to default one. Now I can see the texts.

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I'm adding an answer here to sum up the situation regarding display issue on Ubuntu 19.10.

It seems that some dark theme can lead to display issue on Ubuntu 19.10. Note that I personally successfully tested Bonita with both "Yaru" and "Yaru-dark" theme.

If you can mention in comments the theme you are using and that lead to display issue I can try to reproduce. But issue is likely to be related to Eclipse component (Eclipse is used as the foundation of Bonita Studio) and so should be reported upstream.