BonitaBPM 510 subscr. : Customize the UserXP and details around the process-forms


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to customize the UserXP. How to change the general layout I have figured out and is oke. Only the following I cannot seem to be able to change:

  • Change the items on the **user ** menu (I want only "Inbox" and change the name to "Messages")
  • The login screen I am unable to change. I put under Application->resources->'Log in page' a customer .jsp file under all my lanes... but no result.
  • I would like to have the menu with the cases horizontal and not have a title called "Start a case". How to do this?

Information around the process forms: When I start a process there is extra information around like:

  • A div with id=bonita_form_step_header : How to remove this?

When starting the process in the UserXP (Not on a whole page)

  • Remove in the right-upper corner: "assign to me" and "Priority"
  • Remove attachments (My processes do not have attachments)
  • Remove Comment feed
  • Remove Case Overview

Hope someone can help me out!

Kind regards, Steven

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