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Hello Everybody,

Has anyone installed community versions of Bonitasoft and Alfresco on the same ubuntu server running the same tomcat instance and db (postgresql in my case)? I'm in the middle of doing it myself. I got Bonitasoft going but when I implement Alfresco then it becomes tough. I have tried manual install of Alfresco as well as their installation wizard but I am running to issues. My purpose is to ultimate create proof-of-concept demos. I'm moving towards getting a different box for Alfresco in order to save time or use the Amazon Alfresco AMI.

Please let me know any suggestions or experiences you had doing similar project.

Thanks, Mario

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This one is the BEST answer!

Without telling everyone what the problems are we can't help just saying you have a problem, well...

First things first I would probably get multiple Tomcats working on a single Tomcat Install. There are several tutorials out there that tell you how to do this.

regarding Alfresco... my suggestion, unfortunately is don't, unless you have version 4.2.

The connectors with BonitaSoft are only at this level (4.2) and unless you write ones suitable for 5.x, no-one seems to support their interaction. Part of the problem could be that Afresco also have a BPM suite now and could be seen as a competitor.

Personally I wish BonitaSoft would support this interface as there are many that want to do this and it supports BonitaSoft interacting with other systems.

You could of course look to use REST with Alfresco, but that is out of my league and would need some research from your side.

At the moment I use OpenKM which does have Bonita 6.x connectors and seems to work OK. I would like more interaction but what can you do?

Hope that sort of helps, regards Seán


Submitted by mario1 on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 19:49

Thanks Seán for the answer. I've decided Alfresco is not needed at the moment for the poc. I will take your suggestions when it comes into play.


here is a little something I use for my development/POC as well.

I use hmailserver as a localized SMTP mail server to show off emailing capabilities etc. if you use it with a mail client like mozilla you can keep everything away from your chosen email client (outlook in my case).