Can I make a "full text" search in the whole porect, groovy scripts, data base, etc?


Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2.0, and have some doubts.
Sometimes I want to find a variable, where it is modified, or some table, and I would like to do a "full text" search in many workflows, Groovy Scripts, data base connector, etc...

I have only seen one option of search in the edit menu option. But it doesn't makes a "full text" search it only search components with this name, not variable into a Groovy Script for example.

Is there any option to make this "full text" search?
Does the subscription version support this feature?

Thank you very much.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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This one is the BEST answer!

This definately does not exist in community, I'm not sure about subscription.

But subscription does have the ability to produce documentation, what this documentation is I don't know as I've not seen a sample.

It would be nice if Bonitasoft would publish a sample on the website for people to determine what's in it.

We use a "full text" search on the /diagrams folder - you need to allow/add .proc files to full text search capabilities.

In windows this is under search options.

You are then able to search for diagrams for text (variable names, and yes groovy source is included in there as well), and then using something like Notepad++ open all files and change all.

MAKE sure you back up first just in case :)

ALSO because the *.proc files are essentially just text files they should be protected for security reasons. You don't want you code getting out there, imagine hard coded userids and passwords in the proc file... :)


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