Cannot delete User Groups or Process in Bonita BPM Portal 6.3.7



I've installed Bonita BPM Portal and engine in a Linux Server (Oracle Linux 6.5), running in Glassfish 4 (Not a Bundle, single installation). I'm using BPM Studio 6.3.3 and BPM Portal 6.3.3. I'm able to deploy anything (Process, Organization), but, when i try to delete any of these items i'm getting this message:


And i don't see anything in the log (no stacktrace describing the error).

This is my configuration:

  • Java 1.8 (JDK)
  • Oracle Linux 6.5
  • Bonita Portal and Engine 6.3.3
  • Postgresql 9.3 (With all permisions in bonita_gf_db)
  • Glassfish 4.0

What i'm doing Wrong?

Thanks in advance

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First things first, Java 1.8 is not supported and is known to be buggy with Bonitasoft. Later versions 6.4.x notify you of this but 6.3.x doesn't have the logic. This is likely to be the issue, simple enough to fix replace java 1.8 with 1.7 until Bonitasoft supports 1.8.

regards Seán


Submitted by cesardex on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 17:32

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your response. I've switched the JVM (JDK and JRE) to Java 1.7 (Update 75, 64 bit). I've restarted all services and i'm getting the same error.



I've changed all Java 8 references to the new Java 7 references (Path variables, Glassfish usage) and it hasn't made any effect.

What is driving me mad is the absence of any technical log that lead me to anything.

What other things can i check? I've followed this steps for the installation:

And this is a copy of fresh logs of Glassfish server (initialization, bonita BPM portal login and group delete intent), if it helps:

And my mistake, installation of Bonita BPM portal and Engine is 6.3.7, not 6.3.3 (I'm using Studio 6.3.3).


Submitted by Sean McP on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 06:58

Have a look for your conf folder under glassfish and change the parameters to get more verbose logs out maybe this will help at least with the logs.

Otherwise I have no idea. I will install and see what happens, but I'm using windows.

Submitted by Sean McP on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 12:35

I realize this doesn't fix your problem but you might want to look at this post...

You might want to start looking at other options rather than dwell on this issue.

regards Seán