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Hello ,

i am new to bonitasoft

i've been trying to do a search on the case list by business data .

for exemple if i have a "request" form have this inputs {name , object }

so i want to search for cases where the request object is "request 1 " .

does anyone have an idea how to do that ?

thanks in advance .

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By using Rest API, you can access bdm variables:



Also you can get request by name or object. You have to use proper query;



Submitted by asma on Thu, 07/29/2021 - 16:59

thank you for answering.

i've done that , but first i created a variable Context ../API/bpm/case/{{caseId}}/context to get the link to the bussinessData of a case .

i created a script with a loop on the cases list and every loop it change the caseId . my problem is that the return of variable Context is not changing . so what i mean is that i got the same bussiness Data for every case .