Case is stuck at initializing



I'm an Admin and noticed that a specific case is not displaying under the Apps Management>Task list. However, I can see the case under Apps Management>Cases list. For the specific case, under Technical Details, the Number of Open Tasks is 0. When I open the case, and click the item under Pending Tasks, I noticed that State displays as Initializing instead of Ready. My understanding is state initializing is automatically executed by the system in which a human task would be the next step. There are other cases where State is Ready and Number of Open Tasks is 1 which is expected. What would cause this particular case to not create a task? Is there a way to kick it off in Bonitasoft portal to where a task is created?


Submitted by romain.bioteau on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 08:20


did you check the logs ? Any error stacks ?

Submitted by Michele.DuBose on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 15:38

Yes. I've checked the logs. To resolve, I've restarting the Tomcat service which seems to have pushed the case out of "initializing" state to "ready" state. I'm still not sure the cause of this behavior or how restarting Tomcat helped but it doesn't seem to be an issue now.

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