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Is there a way to change the Jenkins BCD protocol to using https instead of http?

We want to enable SSL communication with Jenkins, HTTPS instead of HTTP
so far we have: http://:/
we need to see https://:/
change the port is easy but how can we enable the https, how can we configure the certificates and/or jks to use the secure protocol?


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If you are not using the stack part of BCD and if you already know the Bonita instance target URL, it is possible to use an extra var argument to override the default bonita_url variable:

bcd -y -s scenarios/my-scenario.yml -e bonita_url="" livingapp deploy ...

Note that if your target is a development instance you may need to disable the ssl certificates check with the related option. (see


Submitted by marielle.spiteri on Fri, 05/21/2021 - 00:00

Hi Hugues,

thanks for the information; but this is the Jenkins instance on BCD, by default runs over HTTP protocol, and we can reach him over http://server:9090/

However the question is to change it to HTTPS protocol (HTTP over SSL), then we can reach Jenkins instance as https://server:9090 or https://server:8443 or https://server:443

This is not about the target server. Hope this clarifies the question,