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I have a checklist in my UIFrom where available values are comma separated strings. How can i get the selected values? The version of Bonitasoft is 7.1.5


Submitted by MROMEROVAL on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 02:17

Hi, I have the same question. I'm using version 7.4 but I'm just a beginner in Bonita and the answer is not very informative to me. Can somebody please help me with this? Thanks!

Submitted by antoine.mottier on Mon, 05/22/2017 - 09:52

Can you share your current process (as .bos file) and describe your use case (are you trying to display a dynamic list of checkbox, where do you store the list of checkbox to display, where do you want to save user selection...)?

Submitted by MROMEROVAL on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 00:53

My process is very simple. I have 2 tables in my BDM:

isApproved - Boolean
eventDate - Date
eventResources - Resources


Then I have an instantiation form where users can add the eventDate and then select the resources from a Checklist.
The values are not dynamic, just a comma-separated list in the "Available values" property (Laptop, Projector, Food)

I don't know if I'm doing well trying to save the user selection in my BDM. Should I do it in a different way? like in a Process Variable?

The form is working well but I don't know how to bind the selection to the formInput variable and save it (if that is the right way to do so)

My formInput variable is initialized like this:
"eventInput" : {
"eventDate" : null,
"eventResources" : [{"resourceValue" : ""} ]

Submitted by antoine.mottier on Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:36

If I understand correctly you have a business data with type "Resources" and you have multiple entry in database for this data type. For example you have one entry for Laptop, another one for Projector...

So in your instantiation form you want to be able to select which resources will be required by an event by selecting them from a checkbox list.

Is my understanding correct?

It's not clear to me why you are mentionning a comma-separated list. For a given Resources does resourceValue store a list of resources name separated by comma (e.g.: Laptop, Projector, Food) or only one resource (e.g.: Laptop)?


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To get the selected values you need to bind the Checklist widget "Selected values" property to a form variable. If you need to get the information for your process execution, use "Data sent on click" property on submit "Button" widget and process/step contract.