"commons" project



Let's say I have a couple of projects implementing applications for separate business areas. For example
- invoice-management
- human-resources
- identity-management

All of the areas although separated share some features, so the projects use common resources. For example:
- BDM (which by design is global for all processes and applications in Bonita)
- REST APIs for common resources like comments
- Groovy Types (for utilities)
- Processes like mail sender
- Custom widgets, fragments

In a maven project I would just extract the project, name it "commons" and add it as dependency to all of the projects.

How you can address this issue in Bonita Studio?

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Hi Maciej,

Today there is no "easy" and efficient way to do it with Bonita Studio. Nevertheless this kind of architecture is part of our roadmap. Our product team is currently thinking about ways to propose development toolkits and mecanism that will allow you developping with your own dev environment and be easily integrated with Bonita Studio.

May I suggest you add a JIRA idea about this topic? Your feedback will be useful for us in this conception phase.