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Can someone really explain me how this work?
I can't find anything usefull to answer my question, just throwing or receiving messages...
I want to know if there some way to pass information to pool A to pool B.

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This one is the BEST answer!

If pool A start pool B using a call activity you can define the data to pass from A to B and B to A in the call activity defined in pool A. Data will be sent from A to B when process A execution reach the call activity and instantiate process B. Data will be sent from B to A when process B execution finish.

If pool A send a message to pool B message can carry data and so allow you to pass information from A to B (and B to A if B send a message back to A).

If you have business variable of the same type declared in A and B, you can actually only exchange the id of the business variable as stored in the database. This allow to have both process actually working on a same copy of the data instead of duplicating it.

I built two examples, one with call activity, one with messages. Both are packaged in a single bos file:


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Thank you very much!
That's what i needed.

Lucas Hort