comparison study between Bonitasoft and Microsoft BizTalk Server


Hi everyone ... I'm engaged in a technical comparison study between Bonitasoft and Microsoft BizTalk Server. I'm conduct a very simple proof of concept where an application developed in bonitaoft should collect a text file (multi-item payment order) in a local directory, convert it to an XML file that consolidates the total of all items in the order (Qtd and values). I did not find any tutorial that could guide me in this scenario.

I do not need forms, pages so little human intervention. Any light or hint from where I find a tutorial in this scenario?

Ah ... the file upload and download tutorial does not fit into this scenario.

Tks a lot.


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 11:20

From your description what your are trying to achieve is mostly a file transformation with some arithmetic operations. I didn't really identify a process.

Anyway the way to achieve that with Bonita is to use the Grrovy script connector or a custom connector to read and transform the file.

What should be the input of your process? The path to the file on the server?

Submitted by jose.neves.neto on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 14:10

Antoine ... Merci de votre attention à ma question. Le processus est très simple. Il est messagerie. Un fichier est placé dans un répertoire sur le serveur et les services BonitaSoft doit recueillir à partir de ce répertoire, valide, il se transforme en un consolita XML que le total de chaque élément et met dans un autre répertoire. S'il y avait de mettre un diagramme dans le forum je faire pour améliorer leur compréhension.

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Hi Jose,

I see you mention Proof of Concept, which usually means quick and nasty And I have to say this is not a very good example to perform a technical comparison between the two.

Can Bonitasoft do this sure, and here are the steps I would use.

I would assume that this is a job that will work once a day and get all files in the directory and sum them up and then pass the result somewhere else.
I assume the directory is accessible to the web server.
I assume that the files are all wellformed - have structure.
Create a start with a timer on it
Create a script step to read the directory and open all files in the directory.
Do while no more files
Open file
Do until no more lines
Read lines
Sum numbers
Close file
Return number
Use number in another step.

The script should be written in Java or groovy.

There is no tutorial for this, there might be some code in the forum somewhere, but not sure where...

I know I've done something similar and it's easy to do, but it is something you'll have to code.



Submitted by jose.neves.neto on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 13:58

Hi Sean ... tks for your time and attention ... this scenery not is the better, but is the my customer need. Is a typical initial EAI scenery. The business process today is based in windows schedule, files batchs call stored procedures on the Oracle 11. My mission is create and develop one integration layer more consistent. I will follow your instructions and try to implement the same scenario. I hope to be successful. Thank you for your guidance.