To compile from Source on Solaris, do I positively have to have GIT and MVN ?


I compile GIT on my box (since I don't have root access) and get tons of errors. I don't think GIT source is that hot.

FYI, I do have gmake, Jdk1.6, Apache2.4 and DB, everything Bonita run time needs....

So my question is.

Q: Can I download a SOURCE tarball somehow, so I don't need maven or git?


Submitted by ismail.lagouill... on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 18:42

Hello, Can you please provide us your complete log file or an extract of these errors you encountered ?

Also, are you refering to this article in the documentation :

Finally, what version of Bonitasoft do you use? You might need to use JDK1.8 instead 1.6 for recent versions.


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