Content of a variable in the URL property of a link


Hello everybody,

I'm trying to configure a button link like in the example of this video: (at 1h 2min 20 seg)

I have followed the same steps, but I can't make the property "URL" to retrieve the content of the variable processDef[0].id like in the example. I am not sure, but maybe it works differently in the latest versions of Bonita. I am using Bonita 7.10.3.

On the oher hand, I can show the content of {{processDef[0].id}} dynamically placing a text field of the form, without problems. I can show this content on the property "Text" of the link field, as well.

I would like to place the content of ../API/bpm/process?p=0&c=10&f=name=ProcessName in the URL of a button link (or the content of any variable, in general) to instantiate a process, but I don't know how.

Thank you in advance,


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You may use a Javascript variable myUrl like this:

return `http://host?myParam1=${$data.myVar}&myParam2=${$data.myVar2}`

And bind myUrl to the URL properties of your link.