Correct way to update a BDM record from multiple concurrent processes?


It may be that I have structured my application badly; but I am am seeing errors during high-load testing which seem to suggest that the problem is that a BDM record is being updated by two processes at the same time in such a way that one of them barfs. The error is typically ...

org.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException.: Row was updated or deleted by another transaction

So my question .. is there a right way of doing this in a manner that prevents these inter-process issues? I guess I'm looking for some kind of implicit record locking or synchronization.



Submitted by chris.lowth on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 00:20

Ok - I've cracked it (albeit: it's rather a hack) - Community edition, 7.3.2.

In case anyone is having the same challenge: the following might be of use..

Changing the "executeTransactionContent" function in into a "synchronized" one seems to fix the problem rather nicely and gets round the issue. When I found this, I assumed it would have a negative impact on performance - but my tests dont actually reveal any change at all - at least: not on my test data set.


The usual disclaimer:- you make this change 100% at your own risk. All I can say is that it SEEMS to work for MY application and test dataset TODAY. Testing and confirming the hack in your own environment is your own responsibility.

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